Training issue?

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SuDoku AFC Premium_small (Howard Garns) StaffCrew 13 August 2019, 12:08
Newcastle U FC wrote:
SuDoku AFC wrote:

This should be sorted now.
Please let us know if it's still not working for you ...
No, the 12 August train (yesterday) did not happen for teams who had selected the automatic train option (where you specify a time to train all players before 11pm- (I use 10.50pm). This is very bad news, all my ageing players, for example, took the full, unmitigated reduction of their skills, which is really pretty annoying. The only real compensation is to allow double training for the effected players, but technically I am assuming that will not be done.

I presume that you are correct - in that any players having missed training yesterday will not get the chance to complete that session today. - I don't believe that is technically possible(?)
(I have forwarded your Support Ticket to Game Admin for confirmation.)

As a point of potential help:
if you are using "auto training" set for 10:50pm, then your players are always training at their lowest energy levels - having played all your matches for that day.
(On the "up-side" that will have meant your players had their maximum energy levels for those matches,) but, if it is maximum training effort & result you are looking for, especially relevant for those with younger squads, then I would suggest having your auto training time set as either 11:15pm - to allow for the daily Update to have completed, or even 00:05am just to give that extra hour to make sure everything has gone correctly.
That way your players will train at their maximum energy levels - with better overall results.

Newcastle U FC Premium_small (Rolf Bergström) 14 August 2019, 02:24
I was Randomly trained at about 00.30 this morning. Nobody sent me a message to pre-warn me, so unless it’s part of a clever scheme to address the Monday error (where team’s expecting automatic training never saw it) by Wednesday having training, a stamina reset, then a second training - it looks like Monday’s bug is continuing, with no training replaced with unrequested training!

The Goon Squad Premium_small (Vinny) 14 August 2019, 02:29
I had auto training as well, iv eput a support ticket in

Exeter City FC Premium_small (Steve) 14 August 2019, 08:18
Thanks Vinny, I had the same issue.

The Goon Squad Premium_small (Vinny) 14 August 2019, 21:19
Reply to the support ticket


Unfortunately we've had some issues with the move to new servers. Including that players trained at midnight Danish time automatically if auto training was set to on. The issue should be fixed now.

The tickets used for the auto training has also been compensated.

There's nothing I can do about the training when it is already done.

Best regards
Jeppe - Administrator

Exeter City FC Premium_small (Steve) 14 August 2019, 22:50
Thanks for the update smiley

SuDoku AFC Premium_small (Howard Garns) StaffCrew 15 August 2019, 00:03
This hasn't been fixed.
My players were trained automatically at 11pm.

I'll let VM HQ know.

The Goon Squad Premium_small (Vinny) 15 August 2019, 00:08
SuDoku AFC wrote:
This hasn't been fixed.
My players were trained automatically at 11pm.

I'll let VM HQ know.
Thank heavens I disabled Auto training

Hindle FC Premium_small (Florent Sinama-Pongolle) 15 August 2019, 00:16
Last two days it's wasted my tickets on training.

Newcastle U FC Premium_small (Rolf Bergström) 15 August 2019, 00:17
Ditto! i turned off auto training as my games yesterday were compromised by players being more tired than they should have been when the training was done (without my consent) in early hours of the morning.

I'd suggest Bubbles or whoever puts out a general warning to all teams to turn off auto training until the techy boys sort this issue out.